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Investigate domains and IP addresses, validate email addresses, diagnose network problems, and more with our free online utilities at CentralOps.net.

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RegistryFusion™ unified Whois API

RegistryFusion unified Whois provides a single, consistent, programmable interface to the Whois system. It takes your domain or IP address query, automatically finds the correct server, and returns consistent machine-readable results.

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Ready-made solutions

Email address validation and list hygiene
Keep your email lists clean! Use our tools to check entire lists or verify email addresses as users enter them.

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Extracting Whois data and retrieving DNS records
Automate online investigations, manage domain name portfolios, and check domain name availability. Our Whois and DNS tools enable you to extract Whois data (to XML), obtain any DNS record, and create advanced domain-related applications.

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Ping and Traceroute
Diagnose network problems with our Ping, Traceroute, and ICMP tools. We have ready-to-run utilities with source code and components that help you create your own utilities.

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HexGadget™ components

COM components that enable sophisticated network applications on Windows platforms. Each component is designed for server-grade performance and reliability.  All are .NET ready. Use them with any COM-compatible tool such as ASP, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Cold Fusion, or .NET.

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User comments

Working with HexValidEmail has been wonderful; the functionality is invaluable in preparing my newsletter mailing lists. But more than that, the quality of customer service and support is excellent, which I believe is what defines a software company these days.

Jeff Bowman
InteXX Software Services  


Why choose HexGadgetTM components?

Mature code with superior reliability and accuracy

Broad compatibility

Lots of sample code

Attentive tech support

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