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I put this [idea for a new product] in front of you because I've always been impressed with the level of quality in your work, and your support has always been timely and thoughtful. You were responsive to the issue with the NOOP stuff and helped me get the .Net stuff working, and that to me says "quality company". Every time I've put one of your components to work it has been a very good, painless experience, and as a developer that is invaluable because the work we do is hard enough without having to struggle with components that don't work as advertised or have defects that have to be worked around or have reliability issues. For this you have my thanks, and encouragement to keep it up because you're doing it exactly right.

Chris Langsenkamp
Clever Technologies

Working with HexValidEmail has been wonderful; the functionality is invaluable in preparing my newsletter mailing lists. But more than that, the quality of customer service and support is excellent, which I believe is what defines a software company these days.

Jeff Bowman
InteXX Software Services

I love your components. They have come in handy with almost every project that I work on. When something comes up usually HexGadgets can help me accomplish the job a lot quicker and easier than doing it manually.

Sam Norris

I am the Exchange/NT Administrator for CSREES at USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in Washington, DC. One of my co-workers told me about Hexillion [CentralOps.net] when I needed to look up IP addresses or domains... especially when trying to stop SPAM. The results are very helpful in doing when trying to stop SPAM. Some of the handles I didn't understand so I called the contact number and received a call back shortly thereafter. The young man was very helpful in explaining to me what I was looking at and gave me information on the background of Hexillion. I really do appreciate this site, its ease of use and function.

Muniyrah Cosby

I now have the HexValidEmail component and I am speechless. After installing it on my server and testing the usability for myself, I have come to the conclusion that this is a must have for anyone who processes email addresses.

Steven Swafford
ASP Alliance

I'm currently using your HexValidEmail gadget, and love it! ... What I like about it is simple, it's ease of use and versatility. I was able to incorporate it into both my existing scripts and other code with ease. I can't think of anything on the downside.... In fact, my opinion of it is very much in line with the quote you have on your website. [Swafford's, above]

Radi Shourbaji

I saw an advert for Hexillion one day on ASPwire and was intrigued by their COM objects - their HexValidEmail object is what I'm using throughout this site now. The more I look at their components the more impressed I am.

James Shaw

This is a really nice product! After only a few minutes of reading the documentation I was writing the scripts for the pertinent pages on my site and was done in less than 2 hours. This was at least 8 different pages of new script to cover all of the possibilities and it was completely painless. I'd highly recommend HexValidEmail to anyone with a similar requirement. I was impressed most with the speed of the validation, which is important on a subscriber site, and the clear and understandable error messages and reasons.

Mike Brown
Alumni Archive

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