Connection class

The Connection class is HexDns' central workhorse. It contacts DNS servers, submits queries, and returns the reply messages.


ReplyMsg = Query ( Name [, Type] [, Class] )
Queries for domain name records of a particular type and class
ReplyMsg = QueryEx ( QuestionMsg )
Sends a custom query Message.


Error Long Error code from the last method call
RemoteAddr Long IP address of DNS server (network byte order)
RemotePort Short Port number for DNS service
ServerAddrs Collection of Long DNS server IP addresses from Windows' TCP/IP properties
Timeout Long Maximum wait time for method calls (milliseconds)
Transport Short Transport protocol (TCP or UDP) to use for DNS queries


Expires Date End of the evaluation period
LicensedProcessors Long Number of processors for which this component is licensed
LicensedUser String Name of licensee for this component
Version String Component version
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