Error property

Type: Long, read-only

Error code from the last method call. After a method returns, this property remains unchanged until the next call.

Possible values include:

hexLuErrSuccess 0
hexLuErrNetworkDown 10050
hexLuErrHostNotFound 11001
hexLuErrTryAgain 11002
hexLuErrNoRecovery 11003
hexLuErrNoData 11004

If it has not yet reached the expiration date indicated by the Expires property or there is a problem with the license, HexLookup will initialize the property with one of the following license-related errors:

hexLuErrLicenseFileNotFound 2
This is the normal error during the evaluation period. If you see this after purchasing a license, make sure the license file is in the same directory as the component.
hexLuErrCouldNotOpenLicenseFile 3
The license file was found but could not be opened for reading. Make sure the license file permissions are the same as those of the component.
hexLuErrCorruptLicenseFile 4
The license file has been modified in some way. Restore your backup version or obtain a new copy from Hexillion.
hexLuErrWrongProductLicense 5
The component is not the product named in the license file. License files can only be used with the products for which they were created.
hexLuErrWrongVersionLicense 6
The license file was not created for this version of the component.
hexLuErrUnlicensedProcessors 7
The component is executing on a machine with more processors than the license file allows.
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