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RFCs are the definitive source for all DNS specifications. Here are links to the standard DNS RFCs and RFCs that define additional record types that HexDns recognizes:

RFC 1034 Domain names -- concepts and facilities
RFC 1035 Domain names -- implementation and specification
RFC 1183 New DNS RR definitions
RFC 1876 A means for expressing location information in the Domain Name System

For additional DNS-related RFCs (more are added all the time), see the RFC index.


For learning about the DNS, you will probably find the following books more helpful than the RFCs:

tcpip_illus.gif (5544 bytes) TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 :
The Protocols

by W. Richard Stevens

This classic text clearly describes the low-level details of all the common TCP/IP protocols, including DNS. Highly recommended if you need to understand what is going on "underneath the hood" of  Internet protocols.

dns_and_bind.gif (7419 bytes) DNS and BIND
by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu

Another classic text, this time focusing on the everyday practical matters of setting up zones, resources records, and BIND server software on UNIX.

dns_nt.gif (6245 bytes) DNS on Windows NT
by Paul Albitz, Matt Larson, Cricket Liu

This is basically the NT version of DNS and BIND. It emphasizes Microsoft's DNS server software.

Web sites

You can also get a lot of good DNS information online at these sites:

DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD)
A comprehensive compilation of DNS-related documents, sites, software, and more.

DNS LOC: Geo-enabling the Domain Name System
A compendium of information on the LOC (location) resource record, which returns geographic coordinates for a given server.

Acme Byte and Wire
DNS specialist company started by Cricket Liu and Matt Larson (see books above). Their site includes a question and answer forum called Ask Mr. DNS.

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