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RecvRtt = Ping ( IPAddr )
Sends an ICMP echo request to a remote host

Ping method

Syntax: RecvRtt = Ping ( IPAddr )

Part Type Description
RecvRtt Long Round Trip Time (in milliseconds) for the ping packet. If an error occurs, RecvRtt will equal -1. Depending on the error, however, you may still be able to get the Round Trip Time with the RecvRtt property.
IPAddr Long IP address (in network byte order) of the remote host to which the ping packet should be sent. You can obtain the numeric IP address from an address string with HexLookup.

The Ping method sends an ICMP echo request packet to a remote host. The remote host will typically respond with an echo reply, and the Ping method returns with the total round trip time.

In practice, the remote host may not respond, or the echo packets may get lost in transit. In this case, Ping times out after the period specified by Timeout and returns -1. Check the Error property for an error code.

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