Technical specifications

component type 32-bit ActiveX/COM component, in-process server
file name HexIcmp.dll
file size about 40 kB
compatible operating systems Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
required libraries ICMP.dll on the path
(Windows normally takes care of this for you)
special requirements TCP/IP networking installed
Means of looking up IP addresses (such as HexLookup)
Internet access (If you have a firewall, it needs to allow ICMP through.)
creatable class Hexillion.HexIcmp
main interface  IHexIcmpSync
interface type dual:
IDispatch (Automation, late binding)
VTBL (custom, early binding)
threading model Both (works with both single-threaded and multi-threaded apartments)
suitable clients Any 32-bit ActiveX client, including:
ASP, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Visual J++, Microsoft Office
developed with Visual C++ 6, ATL 3
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