Connection class

The Connection class is HexValidEmail's central workhorse. It handles all validation tasks, including checking syntax, querying the DNS for domain information, and asking SMTP servers to verify recipients.


ConfidenceLevel = Validate ( EmailAddress [, ValidationLevel] )
Checks an email address to a particular level
DottedAddr = AddrToString ( IPAddr )
Converts an IP address to a dotted address string


Domain String Domain from the validated email address
Error Long Error code from last Validate call
ExtraText String Extra text in the validated email address--comments and quoted strings, for example
FromDomain String Originating domain passed to SMTP server as HELO parameter
FromEmail String Email address passed to SMTP server as MAIL FROM parameter
LocalPart String Local part from the validated email address. For example, "info" from <info@example.com>
MxRecs Collection of MxRec 1-based collection of MX records returned from a successful DNS-level validation
Options Long Validation option flags
SmtpSession String Text of the SMTP session if SMTP validation was specified and attempted
Timeouts Collection of Timeout Collection of timeout values


Expires Date End of the evaluation period
LicensedProcessors Long Number of processors for which this component is licensed
LicensedUser String Name of licensee for this component
Version String Component version
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