Validate method

ConfidenceLevel = Validate ( EmailAddress [, ValidationLevel] )

EmailAddress String Email address to check
ValidationLevel Short, optional Highest level of validation to attempt. Defaults to hexVeLevelDns
ConfidenceLevel Short Highest level of validation acheived without error, or hexVeLevelBad if the address was conclusively rejected.

The Validate method attempts to detect bad email addresses by checking them at progressively higher levels--essentially going through each step of the email sending process and stopping just short of completing the send. You specify the highest level of validation with the ValidationLevel parameter, which should be one of the HexValidEmailLevel constants:

Validate will only check the syntax of EmailAddress and, if successful, place the constituent parts of the address in LocalPart, Domain, and ExtraText. This does not incur any network traffic and returns immediately.
After successfully checking the syntax, Validate will look for MX records or an A record for the email address' domain. The results are placed in MxRecs. This uses DNS lookups that require network access and may take several seconds. The timeout for this stage is
Timeouts( hexVeTimeoutDnsTotal ).
After successfully checking syntax and getting mail exchange information, Validate will contact the mail exchange server and initiate a brief SMTP session to inquire about the recipient. A transcript of this session, whether successful or not, is placed in SmtpSession. This session requires network access, of course, and can take tens of seconds (many servers are slow). The timeout for this stage alone is
Timeouts( hexVeTimeoutSmtpTotal )

You can affect the validation behaviors by setting the Options property.

The return value, ConfidenceLevel, indicates the highest level Validate completed without some sort of error. If Error indicates a conclusive rejection of EmailAddress, ConfidenceLevel is set to hexVeLevelBad.

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