Installation instructions

Instructions for manual installations of ActiveX components. We're providing these just in case. Normally you won't need them--HexGadgets come in a self-extracting installation program.

1 Place the DLL files into whatever directory you want--it does not have to be on the path. You may find it best, however, to place them in the System directory (usually \windows\system in Windows 9x or \winnt\system32 in Windows NT/2000).
2 Register each DLL using the latest version of  regsvr32.exe. This small program comes with various Microsoft developer products, including ASP and VB.

Open up a command prompt window, change to the directory containing the DLL you want to register, and enter:
    regsvr32 hexicmp.dll
Change the DLL name as appropriate, of course.

Regsvr32 creates important entries in the registry and allows Windows to find the component objects when they're requested.

3 If you have installed a component DLL on an NTFS partition (only available with NT or Win2k), set file permissions on the DLL to allow access by your intended users. In particular, if you are using the component in ASP scripts, you will need to grant permissions to the anonymous browser account, usually IUSR_<hostname>.
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