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How does HexGadgets licensing work?
We license HexGadgets on a per-processor basis. You will need to license every processor that will use HexGadgets for development or scripting. When you purchase a license, we provide license files that disable the evaluation expiration. See our license explanation for more details.

Note that dual-processor machines will need a 2-processor license.

If you have Xeon processors that support hyperthreading, you only need a license to cover your physical processors. Once you have that, contact us and we will give you a license file to cover the logical processors.

Are these licenses royalty-free?
Yes. If you compile a runtime key into your application so that it doesn't need the license file anymore, you can distribute the HexGadgets DLLs with the application royalty-free. 
How do I obtain and use runtime keys?
HexGadgets use the standard Microsoft licensing mechanism (IClassFactory2). Visual Basic and several other development environments will automatically obtain and use runtime keys when you do all of the following:
  1. Use early binding.
    In VB, for example, declare object variables using a specific type:
        Dim oConn As HexDns.Connection
    instead of a general type:
        Dim oConn As Object
       Dim oConn '// implied As Variant
  2. Place a license file in the same directory as the component DLL
  3. Compile your code into an EXE or DLL

C++ developers must use IClassFactory2 directly. Let us know if you need help with this.

Scripting environments such as ASP cannot use runtime keys--you must provide a license file for every installation.

Do you have an enterprise or site license?
Yes, we have an enterprise license which allows use on unlimited processors anywhere within your organization--even in multiple geographic locations. It also allows any of your web hosting customers to use the HexGadgets on your servers.
May I move my licenses to a different machine?
Yes. Licenses are not tied to any particular machine, so you can move the license files around as long as you do not exceed the allowed number of copies.
Can I license HexGadgets separately?
Yes. We package them together for efficient download, but you can license them all individually.
Do you have evaluation versions I can download?
Certainly. You can download fully-functional evaluations of the entire HexGadgets suite from our samples archive.
I can't use my credit card online. How else can I pay?
We have a variety of payment options listed here.
Can you mail me a printed invoice?
Yes, upon request. Once you've made your purchase, send us an email. We will mail you a paper invoice showing your payment.
Can you mail me diskettes or a CD?
Generally, no. We only distribute software over the Internet and are not set up for physical distribution. If you have special circumstances, however, let us know.
I've just purchased a license. Where do I put the license file?
The license file should go in the same directory as the DLL. The default installation directory is
c:\Program Files\Hexillion\HexGadgets\
How do I know if my license file is working?
Check your HexGadget's Error property right after creating an instance. Your license is working if the value is 0. Also, the LicensedUser property will contain your name and company name. The LicensedProcessors property will tell you how many processors your license supports:
  • If the number is negative, you have a Site or Enterprise license and can use unlimited processors.
  • If the number is 0, the HexGadget is using a runtime key, which allows it to run on unlimited processors.
I bought the 1-processor license but just discovered I have a dual-processor machine. Can I upgrade?
Certainly. Just send us an email, and we will arrange to upgrade your license for the difference in price.
I've bought a license, but the license file doesn't seem to be working. What's wrong?
Please take a look at our troubleshooting guide.
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