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Discontinuation of the RegistryFusion™ installable Whois software


After 14 years we have discontinued our installable Whois software products sold under the RegistryFusion brand. We still offer the hosted Whois API and encourage you to use it instead. It offers the same XML output as the installable software and is almost a drop-in replacement for many uses. We’d be glad to help you make the transition.

We’ll continue to support and update the installable software until the last support packages expire in January 2018. The software itself does not expire, and you can keep using it as long as you like.

Background and rationale

We have long offered two main options for our Whois API: installable software and a hosted service. For the vast majority of our customers, however, the hosted service is the best choice. It has these key advantages:

Nearly all of our customers have chosen the hosted service, and very few use the installable software. Thus, we’ve decided to focus our resources on the hosted Whois API.

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