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These products have been discontinued.

ActiveX/COM components that enable sophisticated network applications on Windows platforms. Each component is designed for server-grade performance and reliability. All are .NET ready. Use them with any COM-compatible tool such as ASP, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Cold Fusion, or .NET.

Download HexGadget components  (315 kB)
fully-functional evaluation

Download PIAs  (68 kB)
Primary Interop Assemblies for .NET


Validate and verify email addresses--syntax, domain, and username. When you need better validation than a simple script provides, HexValidEmail delivers advanced capabilities. 
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Retrieve any DNS record! HexDns provides a simple but comprehensive interface to the Domain Name System.
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Query Whois servers, grab web pages, and more. HexTcpQuery provides a simple interface for implementing common protocols such as Whois, HTTP, and Finger.
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Probe the network! HexIcmp provides a complete interface to Microsoft's ICMP.DLL, allowing you to implement ping, traceroute, and other network diagnostics. 
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Look up IP addresses, both forward and reverse. HexLookup provides basic DNS services via Windows Sockets.
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