HexTcpQueryTM component


This product has been discontinued.

The HexTcpQuery ActiveX component provides a simple interface for implementing common protocols (such as HTTP, Whois, and Finger) that follow the basic query-response model.

  • Grab web pages
  • Look up domain registrations via Whois
  • Get user information from Finger servers

Like all HexGadget components, HexTcpQuery is designed for reliable, server-grade operation and easy, flexible programming.


  • Simple TCP queries on any port. Enables HTTP, Whois, Finger, and other protocols.
  • Proxy server compatible for HTTP and FTP (see FAQ)
  • Compatible with any ActiveX client, including ASP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, and others
  • Dual interfaces for easy late binding or efficient early binding
  • Reliable, efficient operation. Developed in Visual C++ using ATL.
  • No external dependencies


  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, or later
  • TCP/IP networking installed
  • Means of looking up IP addresses (such as HexDns or HexLookup)

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