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We are no longer offering these products for sale but will continue updating them through January 2018.

Most recent update: 2017-10-06

All installations include a fully-functional 14 usage day evaluation.

  HexWhois .NET Class Library   (811 KB)
  Whois XML Web Service   (706 KB)


Requires IIS. If using IIS 7 (Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008) or later, you will need to turn on IIS 6 metabase compatibility (IIS 6 management console is not necessary).

  Whois XML Proxy Server   (633 KB)

If you ran the installers previously, you have the option of updating your installations with the zipped binaries below.

  Update for HexWhois .NET Class Library   (369 KB)
  Update for Whois XML Web Service   (183 KB)
  Update for Whois XML Proxy Server   (179 KB)

Evaluation details

The software you download from our site is the full version and the genuine article. Without a license file, it operates in evaluation mode.

We measure the evaluation period for RegistryFusion products in usage days. A usage day is a day that you use the software. The RegistryFusion evaluations last for 14 days of actual software use instead of simply counting calendar days since the installation.

When you buy a license, you receive a license file. Simply place this small file in the same directory as the product. This will take you out of evaluation mode and enable long-term use.

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