Pricing matrix for
RegistryFusion™ installable software


These products have been discontinued. This page is just for historical reference.

Your choice of interface:

  • HexWhois .NET Class Library (COM compatible)
  • Whois XML Web Service
  • or Whois XML Proxy Server

The Enterprise Edition includes all three.

All editions include updates and support for 1 year. Licenses cover non-redistributable internal use only. Please contact us for other options.

Features Lite edition Pro edition Enterprise edition
Raw query 1
Automatic server selection
Header/footer removal
Domain availability check -
Full record parsing 2 -
Inverse queries 3
Usage limiting 4 -
SQL Server caching 4 - -
Includes all three interfaces - -
Can be installed on __ machines 1 2 5
Support (1 year)
Regular updates
Access to online docs and FAQs
Help with installation and license issues
Other incidents included - 3 unlimited
Communication via Email
Communication via Phone -
Access to senior developer - -
Priority response to requests for additional Whois server coverage - -
Price $199 $499 $1199
Support and updates renewal (1 year)
Provides another year of access to new versions, improvements, parsing maintenance, and personal tech support. $159 $399 $959


  1. Only applies to the class library
  2. "Full record parsing" means that the software will break record details (registrant name, phone number, email address, and so on) out into separate fields if parsing support is available for the Whois server. The Lite Edition is intended for users who only need the raw record text. Examples: Lite Edition XML output | Pro Edition XML output
  3. Only applies to the web service and proxy server, but accomplishing the same thing with the .NET class library is trivial
  4. Only applies to the web service and proxy server


Lite edition Pro edition
HexWhois class library + XML web service $319 $799
HexWhois class library + XML proxy server $319 $799
XML web service + XML proxy server $319 $799

Support upgrades

All editions include a support package. The packages included with Lite and Professional Editions can be upgraded.

Upgrade from Lite support to Pro $199
Upgrade from Lite support to Enterprise $399
Upgrade from Pro support to Enterprise $199
Additional support incidents (each) $100

Explanation of terms

Non-redistributable means that the license covers installation only on your own machines (or machines that you exclusively lease) up to the number specified by the license type. With this license, you may not include the Whois interface as part of a product sent to other parties.

Internal use means that the Whois interface should only be used by your own personnel for internal applications. With this license, you may not offer parsed Whois data as a service to other other parties.


  • You may publicly display raw, unparsed Whois records
  • You may provide public services that make use of the Whois interface behind the scenes
  • You may display up to 5 fields from the parsed Whois data on a public web page


Disallowed uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Public XML Whois web service
  • Public XML Whois proxy
  • Universal Whois utility that displays parsed data in a standard format

Allowed uses include:

  • Universal Whois utility that shows only raw, unparsed records
  • Domain availability check that only shows registrant name, email address, and expiration date
  • Public service that discovers and monitors expiring domains
  • Internal log file analysis

Two cautions

Domain name registrars and other organizations that maintain Whois servers are very sensitive about the use of the data and their servers. This has important implications:

  1. You should always follow terms and policies listed in the Whois output. Generally, this means that you cannot use Whois data for building a marketing database.
  2. Make arrangements with server owners if you are going to do a lot of queries. If you perform many queries without authorization, they will likely cut you off. For example, as of about a year ago, Network Solutions instituted a flat 1000 query/day/IP address limit. GoDaddy begins eliminating the contact information and dates from Whois output after repeated queries.
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